Just in case you’re missing the hustle and bustle and ambience of the pub: imissmybar.com/

Hydrogen can be delivered to homes using the existing gas pipe network. First 100% powered UK houses to be built this year. Hydrogen neighbourhoods expected to be familiar in a few years time with the target of a ‘hydrogen city’ by the end of the decade: gov.uk/government/news/say-hy-

I'd love one of these, just to look at it. Bit expensive as an ornament though! youtube.com/watch?v=19BMs6kEX_

Channel 4 not being allowed to post clips of the India vs. England test series means to see Jimmy Anderson’s over of the year/decade/century/millennium, you really had to be there (or at least watch it live).

As mentioned by Jeff Minter on Twitter in response to the Weetabix and baked beans viral thing. There was a Weetabix Space Invaders clone for the C64. Apparently it as a commercial product too – an advert you had to pay for! youtube.com/watch?v=HcKYtT7B6c

This photo by Martin Parr was taken in Seedley, Salford. I know this because I used to live at the top of this road and that was my local chippy.


I stayed up for some of Super Bowl LIV. Did the usual: watched the first half and some of the half-time show before bowing out. I've just caught up the adverts. I think these are my faves:

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