Buzz Aldrin on the depression he suffered in the immediate years after coming back down to Earth:

‘…incorporating plastic improves roads' flexibility, helping them cope better with expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, leading to fewer potholes – and where potholes do happen, filling them in with waste plastic otherwise destined for landfill is a quick fix.’

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‘[The Perseverance] rover that recently landed on the surface of Mars uses the same processor that powered the 1998 iMac. NASA built Perseverance around a chip from decades ago because reliability is more important than being cutting edge when the computer is 130 million miles away.’

‘Shamecards, plays on the notoriety of US towns and cities that have been the home of mass shootings to create a series of souvenir-inspired postcards.’

Free typeface ‘intended to be used by anyone who wishes to visualize the urgency of climate change’. Effective.

Canadian Modern is an archive of Candian modernist graphic design:

Tony Spaeth, the corporate identity pioneer who ran the website Idenityworks, died recently. His website disappeared from the web around 2014, but it lives on thanks to the Wayback Machine. Many of his corporate identity tools are archived on there:

The parachute for Nasa’s Perserverance rover had an encoded message in its colour pattern. Here’s how to decode that message:

So, while is essentially an online retailer, it's profit sharing with independent, physical bookshops – who, in this article, feel they don't have the resources or inclination to fulfill online orders – is helping to keep them alive.

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‘I’ve got three children under 12. My wife is a midwife. I’m running this shop, and I’ve got a part-time job as well – spending all my evenings packing up things for an online shop would kill us.’

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Interesting to read some of the comments from the bookshop owners…

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Just in case you’re missing the hustle and bustle and ambience of the pub:

Hydrogen can be delivered to homes using the existing gas pipe network. First 100% powered UK houses to be built this year. Hydrogen neighbourhoods expected to be familiar in a few years time with the target of a ‘hydrogen city’ by the end of the decade:

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