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GOV.UK GDS on why using <input type="number"> in forms is problematic. They recommend using <input type="text" inputmode="numeric" pattern="[0-9]*"> instead.

Microcovid is a calculator that ‘lets you estimate COVID risk and find effective safety measures for customizable situations. Examples: how risky is a trip to my grocery store? What's the safest way to see a friend? How much would it help to wear a better mask at my workplace?’

I see the weeknotes trend is running out of steam. I started to run with a similar theme for my LinkedIn account called Slow Notes. Then Observations. I posted one article as Observations №1… Shortly afterwards I closed my account. This personal blogging marlarky just gets more tough/pointless as you get older.

Words that don’t exist generated by an algorithm with accompanying definitions.

‘You are listening to a new and very nice effect of old fashioned music, oldies as we like calling them, (music from 20's, 30's, 40's) and it is sounding like it is coming from another room with relaxing rain and thunder sounds!’

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